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Start a company

Vi help you with taking the first steps

You have decided to start a company, now its just all the practical stuff.
Have you thought about everything?

I have been an entrepreneur for 30 years. And started more than 10 small and big companies.
Throughout the years I have helped plenty of people starting their companies, and its truthfully one of the things like to do the most.


The entrepreneur that's at the starting line, full of enthusiasm and courage, but also slightly nervous to enter a world of new rules to follow. That particular energy you have at that moment, is fantastic and the energy is contagious.

My team at Prestativo has been pushing for a long time to get to make something digital, like a guide, so more people can get help. And I think its a brilliant idea, So we have gathered some resources just for you thas in the starting phase of staring a company.

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Some of the resources you have to pay for, we try to keep the price as low as possible, depending on how much it cost us. Other resources are free, with only theese + som of your own online resources you will get far.


We hope to se as many new companies start up as possible , and hope that our help can make your journey a little easier.


Jeg heier på deg som vil starte for deg selv!
Heidi Kolstø, seriegrunder.

Our resources for your company...


Accounting and economy

Regnskapet ditt

Find tips to do accounting and some basic tips and knowledge bombs you should know as a new business owner.


Kr 0,-

Coming soon...


How to hande social media and other digital platforms

Det er viktigere enn noen gang med digital tilstedeværelse. Her får du noen tips.


Kr 0,-

Coming soon...
Web Consultation


Tips on how to get your website started.

You can make you own websites , its quite simple actually, it just takes a little patience and know-how.


Kr 0,-

Coming soon...

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